Want to know who will win The Apprentice 2013?

10:13 17 May 2013

The Apprentice 2013 (C) Boundless - Photographer: Jim Marks

The Apprentice 2013 (C) Boundless - Photographer: Jim Marks

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This guide will help you sniff out the winner

Every year arguably the best reality television show in the UK has the British public glued to their screens – The Apprentice.

As the 16 new Alan Sugar wannabes take their place in the boardroom and give the most ridiculous boasts about their careers, we cannot help but be mesmerised.

They make you want to scream, they make you want to cry, they make you want to laugh with their mindless mutterings but after nine series are the characters are becoming more recognisable?

Big fans of the show should now be able to pick out similar traits of the contestants through each series. But here is a guide for all you newbies.

The Sneak Through: Doesn’t really speak that much in the first few episodes and generally stays in the background. Lord Sugar will not attack this character until his team loses a challenge. The Sneak Through will be lambasted by said millionaire with the words “I don’t know what you do!” before being forced to become project manager and inevitably fired the following week.


The Barrow Boy: He or she could sell ice to the Eskimos and that will get them to the last knockings of the competition. But Lord Sugar will run out of patience when The Barrow Boy fails at leading the group tasks and thinking about anything other than selling. Lord Sugar will say: “What else can you give me, I need someone who is more than just a salesman.”


The Number Droid: The droid will gain respect in the early rounds for getting the figures right and noticeably contributing to tasks. But their non-bolshie attitude will see them come a cropper later on. While everyone is scrapping in the boardroom, the nervous Number Droid sits waiting for execution. Lord Sugar says: “I need an innovator not a calculator, I don’t think you are right for this process.”


The Shouter: Usually very vocal at the beginning of the process, The Shouter often bows out early having taken it upon themselves to lead the opening tasks. If they manage to keep their ego in check for the first week they can survive late into the show because their mouth and gift of the gab will get them through. But Lord Sugar doesn’t like bullies. He will say: “Shut up, there is a lot of hot air coming from you but none of it useful.”


The Eye Candy: He or she will make it through to around week four as they provide good ratings. They will often have a romance in the house and that will be their downfall. Lord Sugar doesn’t like anything that gets in the way of business. He will say: “This is The Apprentice, jog on to Celebrity Love Island.”


The Twinkle in the Eye: He or she will catch Lord Sugar’s gaze in the very beginning. This doesn’t exempt them from a good rollicking every now and again but Lord Sugar will keep them in the process no matter what. They will often appear in the final three and have more lives than a suicidal cat. They are often the favourite to win. Lord Sugar will say: “You’ve got potential but the jury is out.”


So from this guide you will now know who is going to win this year’s show, the bookies are calling.


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