Thursday, October 5, 2017

The show will run until the end of the year, but the winner is already determined...

In an era of unparalleled connectivity, any major incident is swiftly followed by disturbing video footage.

As station celebrates its 50th birthday, if you listen to it now, rest assured in 20 years you’ll hate it...

From bitter experience it’s a tough place to work in

A popular Abba song tells the story about a divorce, loss and regret between two members of the pop group. The truth shared by the couple is that no one in these difficult situations comes out as the winner.

Believe the headlines and you’d think video games were to blame for all of life’s ills. But, in fact, they’re creating communities and friendships the world over

Principal of one of the county’s leading college groups on the benefits of securing the qualifications you need

The party is slowly cutting the Tory lead ahead of the election on June 8

Don’t buy into divisive election rhetoric

The PM called for the election on Tuesday

Can Labour make up ground? Can the Lib Dems recover? Could Ukip finally deliver an MP?

And so our time with the cult-hero has passed

How could people get so irate?

The world fell silent in the wake of the attack

There’s no room for politicians in the newsroom

Why the latest ‘leaks’ really aren’t that shocking

We seem to have more women willing to fight for what they believe in than ever before

Why is nobody talking about this?

With the political landscape more diverse than ever, it’s time to consider electoral reform

Sophisticated artificial intelligence is putting more and more jobs under threat

Nigel Farage this week hailed the council leader for driving a local government shake-up

For a president who was elected on populism, it’s essential women make their voices heard

Who wants to live on a diet of organic broccoli and distilled water?

Can digital productions ever match up?

If the UK is hit by an extended spell of cold weather, the crisis could get much worse

Have you had the delights of motoring behind the blinding glare of an unnecessary fog light? Then read this...

It was announced this week that the competition will expand from 32 teams to 48

Enough with the song lyrics...Margate is facing a challenge which may yet have a far bigger impact that the never ending Manston saga

Amid the upheavals are plenty of smaller changes that are improving our lives

There are very few transactions where coins and notes are still used

It’s apparently a new craze - but for most of us the thought defies belief

This year’s number one is just days away...

Do we even think for ourselves anymore?

The BBC’s Planet Earth shows us the importance of protecting the environment

Are we set to surrender our digital rights?

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